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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

On Being Psychic

Scholars agree that oracles existed and even flourished in ancient times. The presence of the oracle is generally credited with beginning at approximately 800 B.C. Apollo's oracle at Delphi prevailed for over one thousand years. The ancient Greeks, when faced with a perplexing decision to be made, consulted oracles. These consultations with the oracle were of prime importance to the Greeks and the event was so meaningful and serious that it was treated in a ritualistic manner.

The belief that it's possible to make contact with the dead found in many cultures dating back to biblical times - peaked during the Spiritualist movement in the latter half of the 19th Century, when adherents included biologist Alfred Russell Wallace and author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Mediums such as Ruth Montgomery, and Arthur Ford, have been offering grieving contact with the spirit world for decades.

Edgar Cayce "The Sleeping Prophet". was able to provide intuitive insights into nearly any question imaginable. When individuals came to him with a question, he would place himself into a sleep-induced state. While in that state he could respond to virtually any question asked. His responses have come to be called "readings".

His psychic readings constitute one of the largest and most impressive records of intuitive information to emanate from a single individual. For many years the information dealt mainly with medical problems. Eventually the scope of his readings expanded to include such topics as meditation, dreams, reincarnation, and prophecy.

Today, psychics and mediums have become more accepted and respected as a viable professional service. The interest in psychics and mediums are booming, as measured by the sale of books, newspapers, magazines, radio and television appearances, and the demand for psychic and mediums' services.

As a psychic I provide extrasensory information about the past, present and future. I can connect with energy, and can project where somebody is in their life today, where they're coming from, and then, on a line of probability, see where they're heading. This becomes like projecting into the future. It is not about "prediction." Prediction makes it seem like it's written in stone and you can't change it, and one of the reasons I believe that you would go for a reading is so that you can make a change using free will.

Energy is omnipresent where there is no real past, present or future. In this place of non-time I can connect with what some might term past lives. Information gleaned from these other life times seem to help with concerns, decisions, and blockages in present time. I also read the energy field that permeates and surrounds the body, picking up information about dramatic childhood experiences, behavior patterns, even beliefs, all of which have bearing on the person's physical health.

As a medium I have the ability to connect with energies of people who have crossed over, which means their soul left the physical body, and the survival of consciousness communicates with me. Communication comes through telepathic communication. There's three different ways that they can communicate to me: One is clairvoyance, which translates into "clear seeing"; clairaudience, which is "clear hearing"; and clairsentience, which is "clear feeling." Information can a come in a symbolic language or as a metaphor. The spirits have no bodies, so mostly, they communicate in series of symbols, images and letters, that they select out of my own frame of reference.

In my work as a Medical Intuit I see energy connections in the body and auric field from this life and past life experiences. I discern causative imbalance as well as the resulting symptoms. This understanding helps people accept and adjust the emotional, psychological, and spiritual factors and lessons that lies at the root of all life issues; i.e. health, financial and relationship issues that keep you stuck or blocked.

How do I prove to someone that what I do is authentic? The best way is through first hand experience. The second best way is through testimonials. You can find these at my web site at testimonials.




Re: On Being Psychic

Dear Charlene

In response to your Journal.

I don't feel a "need" to "prove" to anyone that I am psychic.

In the age old sayings of my mother, "If they believe, you can not make them disbelieve, if they disbelieve, you can not make them believe."

I hold true to this. When someone asks me, as they invariably do, at a bar, a party, or whatever, to "prove" to them I am psychic by telling them something about themselves, I tell them, that I can only work with people who have an open mind, and I charge $200 per hour. So, where would they like to go for their reading? This immediately shuts them up, because $200 an hour, is way out of their realm of understanding, and they also, "know" that they don't have an open mind.

This has worked for years. Now, on the other hand, when I go somewhere and there are people who truly are interested in what I do, but may not have available cash, and I can "feel" this, but they need my help or guidance, I do not hesitate to give them a mini reading non-gratis. Hence, the world goes round, and the Universe has its "tithe".

Thanks for your wonderful Journal, it is always a welcome retreat during my working day.

Love and light

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