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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Authentic Being: We Are the Revolution

Our view of ourselves and our reality is changing. We are moving further away from the Newtonian view that man and the universe are predetermined. Quantum physics teaches us about free will and freedom of choice, by showing us that as observers we can and do influence our past and future events with our thoughts. Making the leap in consciousness takes time and a desire to influence our world in a positive way.

Fred Alan Wolf in his book, Space-Time and Beyond, states, "If we are hung up on the past we will choose to see the future as we saw the past. If we alter our perceptions of the now, then our altered view will change the future".

Most of us tend to choose paths of least action, therefore our realities appear predetermined and predictable. The least action path is only one of a multiple of possible choices. In quantum physics all realities are equally possible. Our minds may be constructed to only pay the most attention to the least action path of realities. Thus we experience this reality than another.

What we think of ourselves and each other determines how we appear to each other and to ourselves. By changing ones thoughts about oneself and others, we will change ourselves and others. Thus, change our reality and world view.

Turning to the inner world of the psyche could summon up a new vision and a new way of life for our troubled world. We cannot wait for the world to turn, for times to change that we might change with them or for the revolution to come and carry us around in it's new cause. We ourselves are the future, we are the revolution.

The future is not some place we are going to but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found but made, and the activity of making them changes the maker and the destination. Man alone is the architect of his destiny. By changing the inner attitudes of our minds, we can change the outer aspects of our lives.

Martin Buber, in his works, says that "throughout the world there is a spiritual front on which is being waged a secret silent struggle between the desire to be on life's side and the desire to destroy. The future is determined by the choices we make".

I believe to be on life's side is to be authentic and to live an authentic life. The most fundamental choice we can make and the most important work we can do is healing the inner self.

We are living in a time of purification in preparation for our Spiritual unfoldment in the New Millennium If we are to honor our Soul's evolution we must be willing to heal the traumas of our past. For many these traumas are held in the first three chakras of the body.

The root chakra (physical self) holds our consciousness of security, survival, and trust. Our ability to be grounded and to be in the body. This chakra also reflects one's connection with their mother, with Mother Earth, and how one feels about being on earth. When physically out of balance we can experience symptoms in the sciatica, ankles, feet, legs. Emotional symptoms are experienced as insecurity, fear, terror or threat to survival.

The second chakra (emotional self) is associated with the parts of consciousness concerned with sex and food. The person's ability to have children, to be creative, and find pleasure. This area is associated with the emotional self, and the person's willingness to feel their emotions. Physical symptoms are related to reproductive and sexual organs, and lumbar plexus.

The third chakra (empowered self). Consciousness associated with this area include the perceptions concerned with power, control, freedom and the ease that one is able to be themselves. Mental activity and the mental body is also associated with this chakra. The solar plexus is associated with the level of being that we call the personality or ego. The parts of the body include the muscular system, the skin, eyes, face,the solar plexus, the large intestine, stomach, liver, and other organs and glands.

When there is tension in a particular part of the body, this represents a tension in a part of the consciousness, about a particular part of the person's life that is unresolved. Being aware of these associations helps one to see the importance of resolving the tension in their life. A question arises as to how this information can be put to effective use. First, to make changes in our lives we must believe that it is possible to change. Through meditation and clear intention we can alter our perceptions, thus allow for release, healing, and birth of the Authentic Self.




Re: Authentic Being: We Are the Revolution

Dearest Charlene,

Thanks for your splendid journal, I look forward to each and every issue.

Also, you asked for thoughts on your journal, here are mine, feel free to edit them any way you see fit.

Well, as I sit here looking out from my art studio at the beautiful lake that my home is on, I am reading your newsletter and understanding each and every word.

I truly believe that what you have said is true.

I grew up in a very poor family, my mom worked very hard as a secretary mostly, although she was an accomplished journalist, but her biggest task was taking care of my mentally ill brother.

Everything in our lives, centered around my brother, what we could eat (as he only ate junk food), how long it would take to cook (as he was a holy terror, and my mom couldn't leave him alone for a second), taking him to doctors, and therapists, and anyone who had a "way" that might cure him. Along with all of this, my mom had to do all the normal chores of everyday life, cook, clean, do washing, the dishes, go to the store and still hold down a 9 to 5 job. I might add that she did this terribly well, in a world where divorce was pretty much a tabu and there was no welfare, or food stamps or assistance on child care.

At age 9, we moved from a home and friends that I loved, and being only 1 hour away from my beloved grandparents, to Tacoma, to a new life, a new lifestyle (the weather was especially difficult to deal with) -- as a child, I loved playing in the snow and the sunshine, and Tacoma was about 99% rain to me, and not warn enough in summer to go swimming, and not cold enough in winter to have snow. We only saw my grandparents about once a year after that, before we saw them practically every weekend.

I always missed growing up with grandparents close by, to play with me, to take me to the malt shop, to read me stories, to tell me the family stories over and over, so I could remember them, to sit on their laps, and cuddle their big teddy bear softness, etc.

Now what does this have to do with your newsletter?

I'll explain. I do not see my life as a poverty stricken, abuse ridden life. Although I spent most of my youth in emergency rooms, because my big brother took out all of his hostility and aggression on my physical person. I do not see my life as a struggle to overcome my past. I do not see my life as anything but a wonderful experience of love, and light. I remember fondly my friends from the past, in all areas of my life.

I remember being my mom's best friend, and being taken into her confidence so we could together help my brother. I remember all the times we made toys out of cardboard boxes that I found on the street, and toys that others had discarded. I remember running in the tall grass, as no one had money or time to mow it. I remember laying in that grass and looking at clouds to figure out what they might look like (I think this is one of the many ways, that my creativity blossomed at an early age). We didn't even have a phone.

Hence, my past has changed, from remembering the challenges, and pain and turmoil, to remembering the wonders of life and nature.

I look at each day in my life as a budding adventure yet to unfold in front of me.

I wake each day in my lover's arms, looking forward to the bliss I find in having him in my life.

I see each day as an exciting new beginning to everything in my world.

I find each day as the perfect place to be and live and spend my time.

It is just that I have learned from the past, that life is short, and I am choosing to live each and every second to the fullest with the ultimate passion of being alive. there are things that don't seem fair, so instead of wondering, "Why me?" I am learning total and complete acceptance to everything that comes my way, sometimes life isn't easy, so I have learned to be a tenacious, determined individual that doesn't take no for an answer, although I do pick my battles carefully.

All in all my past, with all of it's weird little quirks and strangeness, seems normal to me, I don't see the poverty or lack in anything. Although I am a very strong individual and over achiever, I like that about myself, and truly see no other way to do my life.

My past was changed in my mind, so it was changed in my reality. My future is being created at this moment, with the loving thoughts I give it. But my most precious commodity is being able to live in the present, to live each and every moment to it's passionate fullest. To eat, drink, and breath in each and every morsel, because when it is gone, there is no more then, there is only now, so each "NOW" that I have, I spend wisely.

I do not want to come to the end of my life safely, feeling that I still have some time left, and where did all the joys go, I want to come to the end of this life, feeling totally spent, ready to go, willing to sleep, and knowing that I did each and every thing that was available to me in my life to live.

I choose to live my life one second at a time, relishing each and every tidbit of my experience that I call my life. And I wish you the same joy.

Love and light

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