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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Nothing Real Can Be Threatened

It seemed that over night she had lost her ability to navigate her life, to nourish herself or others. She understood that this was a time of great change and transformation and that she, as with many others had outlived that which no longer benefited or was useful in their lives. Most unnerving for her was that her thinking mind began to loose its foothold in what it thought was real.

Today, she sits and reflects upon her life, recalling a decade or so ago, when she responded to her inner promptings, she willingly left her tribe, country, all her possessions, all that she identified as the self, and set out on a Spiritual Quest to a foreign land. Each step of her journey she could feel herself letting go of another layer of what was not her, in order to reveal more of her true spiritual self.

This time, this spiritual awakening was different, this time the unknown seemed more forbidding. This time her body was speaking to her in ways she had not know before.

Her physical body was changing, at times she experienced unusual tiredness, other times with burst of high energy, then there was the constant ringing in her ears, weight gain, and food sensitivities. The list goes on and on. If that were not enough, her joyful moods were changing, with seemingly unprovoked or excessive episodes of grief, fear, and insecurity, while her body scrambled for something familiar, comfortable and known. On top of it all old charged memories and pictures began to rise to the surface again, as though she had never addressed them before.

Life felt meaningless, mundane, and empty. She felt guarded and when she sought to move away from this hypersensitive place she was in, this life she desired to escape stuck to her with a magnetic force. It didn’t matter what she tried to avoid, it faced her at every turn.

Once again it was a time of letting go of control, and of radical trust, it was not easy then and it was not easy now. Fear causes the mind to turn to thoughts of, worry and doubt and the body follows suit with fear, sadness and anger. She had to release her resistance to this change, it had persisted to long.

The only way through this awakening process was to move into a state of acceptance and allowing, instead of resisting and struggling. The whole universe was waking up to itself and she was a part of that process. If she holds on to old ways of being, thinking and doing, she will continue to experience the effects of resistance, struggle, chaos, and suffering.

She had to trust that her higher self would guide her through this vulnerable inner terrain as she let go of her old self and birthed her true godself. A soothing remembrance rushed over, she remembered reading in the “Course in Miracles” many years earlier, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”


Sounds a little like my

Sounds a little like my story...shedding things, letting go, it because we are of a certain age? Perhaps a little, but perfect timing for the shift!

this is Sweet

this is Sweet



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