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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Uncharted Territory

A women in one of my groups was shocked when I said that I felt insecure. She was baffled and felt this statement was an oxymoron. How can you teach us and guide us with such wisdom and be insecure?

It is one thing to be afraid and insecure because of the demons of our past that haunt us and dictate a future of more of the same old, same old. Those unresolved issues and ways of moving in the world that are a hinderance, reacting to life out of old down loaded patterns. These do illicit insecurity and when insecure we don’t feel confident, assured, feeling uncertain, anxious and unsafe.  However, those aspects of our lives that we have let go, forgiven and healed becomes our wisdom.

When we live on the edge of life, as we travel uncharted territory and allow our soul to guide us as we forge new frontiers for ourselves, there is a sense of uncertainty. With this uncertainty comes fear and insecurity. It is this kind of insecurity I spoke of.

Acknowledging our insecurity and uncertainty encourages us to experiment, and we are transformed by our experiments. We are free not to know the answer, we are free to change our position, we are free not to have a position. And we learn to reframe our problems … Once we discover the power of challenging the assumptions in our old questions, we can foster our own paradigm shifts.

December 21, 2012, we are moving out of a dark, violent age of Pisces, and into the Age of Aquarius, into uncharted territory. This date marks the beginning of a new cycle, a millennium of love and light.  Aquarius is a revolution in consciousness, and the mind's true liberation to leave the prison of our conditioning, to love, to turn homeward. To conspire with each other and for each other.

Most of us have been freed from any “real struggle” to survive, and we are given the time and opportunity to look within, to explore the psyche. Individually and collectively we are moving into uncharted territory. Freedom requires uncertainty, because we must be free to change, modify, assimilate new information as we go along. Uncertainty and insecurity is the necessary companion of all explorers.

“Aquarian Conspiracy”

“Paradoxically, if we give up the need for certainty in terms of control and fixed answers, we are compensated by a different kind of certainty - a direction, not a fact. We begin to trust intuition, whole brain knowing, what scientist-philosopher Michael Polanyi called “tacit” knowing. As we become attuned to the inner signals, they seem stronger. Intuition...becomes a trusted partner in everyday life, available to guide even minor decisions, generating and even more pervasive sense of flow and rightness”

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