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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

2012 Year To Make Right

The tendency of human beings is to rely on the strategies of the ego: to desire, plot and strive. When we do this, our spiritual development stops, and the Universe must use shocking events to move us back onto the Path.

Throughout the reign of Uranus in Aries ( 2011 to 2019 ) we are invited to make right with our lives. Questions to ask ourselves: Are we living authentically? Do we live from our hearts? Is integrity one of our deepest values? Are we serving at our utmost capacity? What are we afraid of, and why? How we respond to these questions and life is how we know whether we have changed and are changing.

Over the years our bodies become walking autobiographies, telling friends and strangers alike of the minor and major stresses of our lives, and how we handle them. Our fears are a treasure house of self-knowledge if we are willing to explore them.

Uranus is associated with exploration, upheaval, shock, and rebellion, which can be scary, but is also associated with progress, independence, and innovation. Just when we become too complacent or settle comfortably in a rut, Uranus comes by to shake us up.

When it comes to change, there are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who let things happen, and those who are always wondering "what happened?" Our problems can be experienced as challenges or a chance for renewal. The tricky part of making a transition is to trust that the change was for the best and that something much better can result from the transition.

Once through the challenge, we feel more alert and alive, and soon we become excited about the new options that emerge. Ultimately we know that the other side of every fear is freedom.
An important component of awakening is when we no longer have to be, do, or have anything, when we get to this point and let go, our inner guidance will bring to us all possibilities that are needed on our journey.

Accepting uncertainty during these times of change means letting your vision of the future go out into the universe, watching it disappear, and believing that it will come back to you in the form of new possibilities for your life.During this time people will move out of our frequency who no longer resonate with us into one that resonates with them. Like wise we will move out of others. Those who stay in our frequency stand along side us so that we may continue to grow, and to assist them to grow.

Our personal transformation does have global effect. As we grow so does the world, for the world is us.The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one. Together as a collective we will make major shifts in awareness and consciousness.

This is also a deeply important time for all of us to question society's generally accepted "truths" and, at times, to challenge authority itself. Rather than accept those teachings as unquestionable, we need to ask why we so blindly accept them - and maybe turn some of these myths on their heads.

One such group of courageous souls are doing this very thing. I invite you, with an open mind to explore your edges and participate in this movement.



Re: 2012 Year To Make Right

Ok listen, I came to your blog site because for some odd reason I wanted to know what the number 12 ment. It's my birthday so the number is connected to me.

I wanted to snoop around and see what else you had to say and boy oh boy it's like your speaking to me. For the last past year I have written myself little messages that say " I can feel that I'm changing" and "change is about to happen". I felt that I was changing back in Aug, 2010 when I wanted to leave my job. I signed up for school and worked full time as well as attend school full time. I felt stuck at my job and I starting crying sitting at my desk one day. Asking myself where am I going? What am I doing? "I am not my best me". My oldest son was stabbed in Dec, 2010, me and my family was devestated he was stabbed 8 times. We all got the strength and healed from that ordeal and my son survived those superfical wounds. By January 2011 I had gotten sick from my ulcers and had made the choice to leave my job of 6 years. My goal was to focus starting a website and finishing a book I started in 2005. I started off well and was writting everyday then April 2011 came and I got a call that my father passed away. Another devestating blow to my family, just when I thought I could muster up some strength I got a call one April, 29 2011 that my oldest son was stabbed 10 times and he was dying for me to hurry up to the hospital. That day I remember like no other, I prayed and cried out to God to protect my child and he did brought my son back to life and after surgeries and blood transfusions he pulled through that ordeal.

The grace of God got me through school and I graduated this past October, but through the midst of all this, I have felt me changing and evolving for the better. I try to talk to my friends or family and they think I'm crazy. I was thinking it may even be a mid life crisis but I'm only 37. I can feel that I am being worked on and I don't fight it.

In order to graduate from school I had to do an externship and clock in the amount of hours for me to complete school. the week I started my externship I was hired at this hospital. It seemed like a nice place, but I felt empty and not complete. I would continue go home and write down little things like " God I feel you working on me, I feel your presence" I really don't understand why but I always feel compelled to write these feeling down right away. I ended up leaving the job after my externship was finished, I left the last week of December. My deepest desire to be a blessing to others, write my story.

I always wanted to know why I was feeling like something is changing, my pespective is changing, my vision is changing.

Sorry this was long, but 2012 year to make right, was something I needed to read...

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