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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.



Today I stepped out on the porch waiting for my cat Charlie to come in. As I stood there a hummingbird appeared before me a hands length away suspended in air and fluttering her wings.This tiny little creature was sending me a personal message on this day. I was delighted with the special attention and eager to read about the Hummingbird as a Totem.


MEDICINE CARDS: THE DISCOVERY OF POWER THROUGH THE WAYS OF ANIMALS, Jamie Sams and David Carson say that, for many people, the hummingbird is the creature that opens the heart. When we assume hummingbird consciousness, our life becomes a wonderland of sensuous delights. We live for beauty, delighting in flowers, aromas, fine mist, and delicate tastes. The hummingbird teaches us to laugh and enjoy creation, to appreciate the magic of being alive, and the truth of beauty. Hummingbirds awaken us to the beauty of the present moment. 


ANIMAL SPEAK, Ted Andrews says hummingbirds teach us how to draw the life essence from flowers. "They can teach us how to use flowers to heal and win hearts in love.They teach us simple courage. Andrews says the twittering, vibrating sounds of the hummingbirds bring us an internal massage that restores health and balance.


There is something in our souls that wants to hover at beautiful moments in our lives, making them freeze in time. There is something in us that wants to fly backwards and savor once more the beautiful past.


In many traditional cultures of the western world the hummingbird has powerful religious and spiritual significance.  In the high Andes of South America, for example, the hummingbird is taken to be a symbol of resurrection. This is because each hummer becomes lifeless and seems to die on cold nights, but it comes back to life again when the miraculous sunrise brings warmth. The Hummingbird animal totem is a messenger of hope and jubilation.

Hummingbird attributes 

Energy  vitality  joy  renewal  sincerity  healing  persistence 

 peace  infinity  agility  playfulness  loyalty  affection

The Hummingbird most important message  is:

"The sweetest nectar is within!"

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