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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

On The Path

I saw her on the path today, as I had before over the years. Head down, running as fast as she could, in lightening speed past me, hoping to catch the wind. We never spoke, nor did she notice that I was there. As she passed, I always sent her love. Sometimes I sent a butterfly, then a fawn to cross her path, then a happy smiling child, or a hummingbird, yet she still kept her head down.

Today was different, I saw her leaning against a fence, exhausted, and out of breath, she looked older. I approached her and asked if I could help, still out of breath she nod’s. “no”. I was concerned for her and decided to linger awhile, I heard her crying. I once again approached her, why are you crying I asked?

I can’t keep running she said, I am getting to old. But, why is running so important to you, I asked?  I have been running from the pain she said. I asked her to tell me about her pain.

Since I have been a child I have felt that no one loved me, I learned early that to fit in I had to please others, to give my power away. No matter how hard I tried, I never felt love. In all these years of running I  hoped that one day I would find love.  Now, much older, I can no longer run, I have to face this lonely, sad truth.I am not worthy of love.  The pain of this is more pain than I can bare.

But you are not alone, you have never been alone, I have been on the path with you all along.   I sent you messages and messengers along the way, but you did not trust them You looked in all the wrong places to find love.

I have been here, pointing to her heart, inside you the whole time. I am the Source of all life, I AM LOVE.! I created you and through you I have experienced human life, experienced your precious life, and I have loved you.

For the first time all the lights went on inside her and she could see and feel this truth. How is it , she asked,  that I have missed this love all these years?   There are far to many reasons we miss the love inside us. What is most important is that you have discovered it now.


I will look for the love

I will look for the love inside me. I miss you though, so much.

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