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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Charlene's Corner

An inspirational blog where I have followed world events, shared personal experiences and insights (formerly

Blog comment

"Beautiful job at crafting an article about the healing with John of God. I appreciate your references to McTaggert and Braden as they help round out the experience and the philosophies associated with the process of explaining Zero Point Energy. It is a source of great mystification for most. A zero point what?  Your own personal experience of all these things,  John of God included bring stimulating thoughts to how each one of forms our own unique interface. I share the healing with you."

Blessings, Scott

I am Who I am

We start off with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn December 10 and goes back to Sagittarius, December 29 when it goes direct. This time frame is not ideal for placing ads, making important decisions, travel, purchasing communication equipment, signing contracts, initiating business deals, sending important correspondence or any type of message, starting school or any important project, beginning any new enterprise, or major purchases. Read more »


Since early 1980 the numbers 11:11 appeared in my life and have continued on a consistent basis to present day. As we approach November 11, 2011 I felt it relevant to recount with you my findings over the years as to the meaning and significance of 11:11. There has been a stirring deep inside for me, and so many others of something forgotten. I have recognized this symbol as something of significance, yet had been unaware for a time of its true meaning. Read more »


I love spiders and this year they seem to be showing up in abundance everywhere. They are such delicate creatures that create such beauty. I am intrigued with the amazing intricate design and symmetry of the tapestry they weave. How is it that they can fasten onto arbitrary points, affix their threads from great distances and then able to connect all threads to a center, where upon position themselves. Read more »


Saturn enters Libra July 21st 2010 and leaves October 5th 2012. In addition to this transit we hit another power house day October 10, 2010 in the sign Libra. Concerned with harmony, diplomacy, balance and choice where we weigh and choose our options. Venus, the ruler of Libra, teaches us that gentle words and random acts of kindness lubricate our way through life and help form bonds. The house where Libra falls in your birth chart shows the area in your life where you can exercise balance and harmony. Read more »

Symbolic Meaning

September 6, 2010 I found a small 18 carat gold ring as I had completed pumping gas into my automobile. I was curious as to the significance of this finding. The following is a small sampling of the possible meaning of all the symbolic references in this experience. Read more »

Mystical Synchronicity

Throughout my life I have had meetings, experiences and events happen that appeared significant at the time but had no discernible causal connection. These earlier mystical experiences made little spiritual sense to me at the time but collectively and over time make sense and are worthy of my acknowledgement. My journey has been colorful for sure, unusual in terms of societal acceptance, out of the ordinary, have left me baffled as to their purpose and and at times fraught with challenge. Read more »

Summer Solstice 2010

Since the Sun moves into Cancer on this day, our attention turns to family. Do you feel blessed or stressed by your family? Do you feel closer to your friends? Bring them together for a solar inspired party.

The astrological chart for this day is a powerful one! A grand trine in Libra, Gemini and Aquarius brings opportunities, good fortune, and relaxation. You will feel inspired and want to give lots of love to those around. Read more »

To all my Aries Friends

I am Aries: I am independent. I am strong. I am significant. I matter. I can do it. I can make it happen. I can get it started. I can because I am.

For all of us Aries this is a time for discovering or re-discovering and connecting or re-connecting with the self and its raw, passionate, instinctive drives to be the main motivator in formulating goals and getting them accomplished. Read more »

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