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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Sacred Journal

Connection to Everything

Genesis 1:27 we read, "And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Since those words were written our consciousness and universe have been expanding, and along with it our concept of God. It is said that God is Omniscient, knowing everything, Omnipotent possessing complete, unlimited, power and authority, Omnificent with unlimited power to create. Omnipresent continuously and simultaneously present throughout the whole of creation all the time or everywhere. Read more »

5 Stages of Dating

For many finding and securing the "right" partner is challenging to say the least. Yet it is of great importance to so many. Just look on the web and you will find one dating site after the other. Once in the dating game singles ask how will I know I am with the right person?

In his book "Mars and Venus on a Date", John Gray presents 5 stages for dating successfully. He says that following these stages allow you time to get to know someone. I have presented a brief summation of his works. Read more »

Poetry as a Medium for Breakthrough

I was at a loss as to the topic for this months Sacred Journal. I was stuck in that age old, writers block. Reaching deep within my self to that primal and primary place where language lies, it came to me to share some of my poetry/ prose with you.

I believe poetry opens a door into our soul that no other form of language can.

Allowing ourselves to express at this level can open a space for release and healing.

Whatever form you choose to release and heal, keep in mind that December 2003 is about breakthroughs, and creating your hearts desire. Read more »

Identity Theft

This months Sacred Journal is a little out of the ordinary, but I feel guided to tell you about an incident I recently had. Hopefully by sharing this experience it will help to prevent this same thing happening to you.

In September 2003 my car was broken into and my purse with all my personal identification was stolen. Immediately I filed a police report that same day. In that same week I contacted my bank, social security office, credit card companies, the three major credit bureaus, Transunion, Equifax, Esperian, & the FTC. Read more »

Dowsing / Divination

A method or practice of attempting to foretell the future or discover the unknown. Read more »

Indigo Children

Indigo Children, also known as Children of the Sun by the Native Americans and as Millennium Children by some authors are the current generation being born today that are different from previous generations of children. Some experts say up to 90% of all children under age 9 are Indigo Children. Some reports state that a small percentage started coming in the 80s, others believe there have been Indigos born in every generation. Read more »

Labyrinth - Archetypal Image

Labyrinths have a history that reaches back in time. They have been built by various cultures around the world and appear to represent a universal pattern in human consciousness, regardless of the culture in which they were used. The Labyrinth has recently been revived as a healing and restorative tool that crosses cultural and religious boundaries. As a circular symbol, the Labyrinth is an archetypal image that represents wholeness, healing, inclusiveness, and community. Read more »

Divine Mandate of Abraham

The hatred and violence we see today between Muslims, Christians and Jews were born of the same teachings from a man called Abraham. The Arab Israel Conflict is said to be rooted in a Divine Mandate, Biblically recorded, almost 4000 years ago. The story begins with Abraham who was supposedly chosen by God to spread his word and rule a great nation. Abraham was married to Sarah who was barren and unable to have a child to lead the great nation. So, she told Abraham to have sex with their Egyptian servant Hagar in an attempt to have a child. Hagar conceived and Ishmael was born. Read more »

Saturn in Cancer

Saturn in Cancer turns our attention towards our feelings. Over the coming two and a half years we will be looking out how we are emotionally supported, by both ourselves and others. The shell that naturally protects our innermost feelings will be tested, and we will be learning about our ability to both receive and give love and affection. Read more »

May 31st Solar Eclipse

On this day we will experience a Solar eclipse in the Astrological sign Gemini. When a solar eclipse occurs keep in mind that the nature of an eclipse is to invite you to get your emotional needs met in a particular area of life to better reflect your wants and your needs. The Solar eclipse represents energies operating on the conscious level, The particular house in your astrology chart is where the energy is projected as it is transiting through. Read more »