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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Sacred Journal


For thousands of years, Dragons have captivated the minds of men, and have inspired many tales, poems and songs about them and their glory. When most people think "dragon" they most likely think of the Western dragon, which are usually portrayed as evil, mean, and bloodthirsty. The most famous dragons are St. George and the Dragon, Beowulf and the Dragon, and Draco in the movie Dragon Heart. Another myth references Vlad Drakul to mean Son of the Dragon, or Devil. The end of the dragon came with Christianity, and knights that were eager to prove their faith. Read more »

Prayer, Chakras and Healing

The sages tell us that for a prayer to be effective, faith in the Divine, concentration of the mind, and positive thinking are necessary prerequisites before, during and after the prayer. If one prays for success and at the same time holds thoughts of failure within, the prayer will not be answered. Sages tell us that the mind is the transmitter of prayers. Thus, a prayer transmitted by a restless mind is akin to broadcasting over a broken transmitter. Read more »

The Universal Meaning Of Colors

Out of the many vibrations reaching the earth a tiny octave is registered by the optic nerves. Our eyes respond to these particular vibrations with a reaction that we know as color. Medical science has proven that different colors have definite and various effects upon our nervous system and that they act quite independently of our eyes or minds. It has been suggested that the seven Colors correspond to the seven major planets and are radiating down to the earth at their specific rates of vibration. The color rays are pouring down on the earth night and day. Read more »

2003 Universal Five Year in Numerology

The Five Personal Year in Numerology gives us an opportunity to reap the rewards and realize the progress we've made during the last four years. Therefore, opportunities come our way to advance in various directions. The year asks for flexibility, since the universe often brings rewards in unexpected ways. In the event that we hold resistance, changes can come that will catapult us forward. There may be some amount of risk in the year, but rewards are what the year wishes to bring. Sometimes relationships at a distance and travel are highlighted. Read more »


Lately I have been walking through the grief process with many of my patients. To often I am asked, "How should I grieve my loss?" or "How am I supposed to react or feel?" They have turned to me for guidance and understanding . For this reason I want to share a little with you of what I have come to know about this most personal and difficult time that we must all face. Read more »

War or Peace

All of my life I have considered myself a peacemaker. The other night I tuned into the Oprah Winfrey show. Several of her quests presented some convincing arguments for going to war with Iraq. This was disturbing for me. If we go to war does this mean that as a collective we at some level consciously want war? How has war ever been the "right" choice for humanity? I am a therapist and work with people who have been damaged, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The road back to wholeness for them is long and difficult. Some may never heal, but only go on to offend. Read more »


I have spent much of my life enamored with nature and animals. As a child I had two pet Raccoons, while most other children had cats or dogs. Do to my early indoctrination into the animal kingdom and years of study and working with the Native American people it is no wonder animals come to me in visions. This time while in a meditation an alligator came to me. Much can be said about this creature, but I have chosen to highlight some of the pertinent areas that struck me regarding my life as well as many of my client’s lives. Read more »


I meet weekly with my women friends, and each week in addition to meditation we share ideas and processes that help keep our spiritual journey and pursuit strong. One of the women brought her dowsing stones to a meeting. These stones are varied in color, size and shape. One stone is represented as a central stone from which all other stones are measured when the are all tossed. The participant asks a question and throws the stones. I took a turn in throwing the stones but did not have a particular question except to say. "What would you have me know"? Read more »

Universal Principles - Part Two

Our human bodies are magnificent instruments that tell us at all times just how aligned we are with the energy flowing around and through us. Discomfort in our bodies is a signal that we are resisting the flow of energy, or love. The greater the discomfort, the more we know that we are resisting, giving and receiving love. As soon as we notice discomfort, whether physical, mental or emotional, we best support ourselves by focusing our awareness on our feelings, feeling them fully, and then feeling love for them and for ourselves. Read more »

Universal Principles - Part One

The basic component of the Universe, energy, occurs in either materialized or unmaterialized form. All that we see and feel is an expression of energy. Energy is synonymous with love. When we resist the flow of energy, or love, we experience discomfort. When we align with the energy flowing around us, we feel joyful and at peace. Read more »