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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Sacred Journal

Global Awakening

When we look to the stars at this time, the transits speak of a time of Global awakening. A time of significant opportunities for change and transformation on all levels of life. However, the stars only foretell probabilities not outcomes. The choice is ours to make as to how the awakening will affect us on a personal level as well as a global one. It was Shakespeare who said,” Our fate lies not in the stars but in the hearts of man”. Sometimes our choices are hard to make, they are filled with anxiety, fear, and confusion. Read more »


Love is in the Air, Love is Everywhere

Love is the vast ocean where ultimately all creeks, waterfalls & rivers merge and become one with ocean. The content of all containers is identical. Their shapes may differ but the content is water. Likewise love in any format is always the same. It takes various forms, shapes but its nature never changes. When two loving hearts join - it is like two rivers joining and become one, that finds its way to the ocean. Read more »


Last night, as you slept, you entered the world of dreams. This world is sometimes magical, at other times horrifying, yet each night you return there probably four or five times. Each of us does this and we cannot stop ourselves from crossing the threshold into this world. Why? Is there a purpose to your dreams? Of the more than 2,000 dreams you will have this year, are any of them meaningful? The answer is yes, all of them, and learning to interpret them will help you change your life for the better. Read more »

The Year of the Horse

February 12, 2002 is New Year's Day, a Year of the Black Water Horse. The horse is the seventh in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The last Year of the Horse began on January 27, 1990 and ended on February 14, 1991. The next Year of the Horse will begin in January 2014. July is the month of the Horse. The time of the Horse is from 11:00 a.m. to 12:59 p.m. Their direction of orientation is the south. The Horse's color is orange. Read more »

21st Century Goddess

I have been interested in, and have studied goddesses of several cultures for many years . Each goddess expressing individual, unique, and powerful aspects of her personality. She, the goddess in her own way etched out her place in the Universe. I wanted to stand in the sacred space that each of these bigger than life beings stood, in hope of awakening some of these powerful qualities in me. Read more »

The Oracle at Delphi

December 29, 2001 2:00 PM.

I stood on the ancient ruins of Delphi at the site of the Temple of Apollo. My head pounding, I felt my sixth and seventh chakra open. My senses were electrified as I stood in awe and wonder at this bigger than life piece of ancient history that I was honored to experience.

Ancient Ruins of Delphi photo Read more »

Tarot The Language Of The Soul

In these challenging times it is more important than ever to go within and listen to our own intuition and the language of our Soul. Tarot can offer a useful approach to inner guidance.

Each archetype of the Tarot takes us on a Journey of the Soul. The Tarot deck is divided into two main parts. The Major Arcana (Arcana is Latin for secret) is composed of 22 cards that represent symbolic communication, elements in the physical universe, and the experiences we encounter on our spiritual journeys. Read more »

Prayer - Infinite Intelligence - Quantum Physics

Prayer has become a new cottage industry. Within the last five years the New York Times has listed as best-sellers at least a half dozen books extolling the value of prayer in some form. Cover stories have appeared in popular magazines like Newsweek, and television programs such as "Dateline NBC" have devoted entire shows to this subject. In particular, physician Larry Dossey in his Prayer Is Good Medicine: How to Reap the Healing Benefits of Prayer (1996) and Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine (1993). Read more »

Autumn Equinox

The change of seasons - especially Autumn - back to the dawn of mankind - has always brought changes to our human systems - internal and external. The change of energies that we feel help our internal systems bring balance to all of our subtle bodies. Read more »

Saturn Pluto Opposition

Perhaps the most significant astrological pattern of 2001 is the opposition between Saturn and Pluto that started in August and ends in May 2002. This is the longest sustained period of Saturn in hard aspect to the outer planets in over a century. For nearly four years Saturn will be grinding its way into the transpersonal planets. Because the Saturn-Pluto configuration is the last of these alignments, expect that this alignment may be much more difficult and stressful. Read more »