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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.


All testimonials are used with express permission.

Pamela M. Gig Harbor, WA

You've touched my life Charlene. After a brief meeting at TCC/Gig Harbor around 2006. I had a phone reading from you that stays w/me even now as the years roll on.

Fran F., Woodinville, WA

Working with Charlene has been life changing for me.  She has helped me to look inside myself and discover who I am and create a deeper relationship with myself and my purpose.  Learning to trust and believe in myself has allowed me to interact with the world with a sense of wonder and expectation.  Charlene has helped me to see the world and people with new eyes.  I am always in awe of her insights and how she is able to help me understand concepts that previously were unknown to me. Read more »

Marsha S., Olympia, WA

I am trying to grasp what you shared with me.  I am still working to integrate the information into my thinking.  I am feeling much more at peace today about mom, and in fact, am really liking the ideas about her that pop into my mind, rather than the sadness that would grip me.  It feels lighter already today.  I thank you for that gift.  It also has me thinking a lot about my grandmother, and wanting to get more information about her from my still-living relatives. Read more »

Linda W., Gig Harbor, WA

I decided to work with Charlene because I learned of her past experiences in life, knew she was spiritually gifted, and I respected that she had 20+ years training in psychology.  At first I was kind of curious and eager to hear more.  As I understood her gifts and knowledge base more and more, I knew that I could learn and grow from her.

I decided to work with Charlene when I knew she had classes available and something to share.  I knew I could afford the class scenario in terms of time and money, versus going to a life consultant weekly or monthly on my own. Read more »

Sari, Gig Harbor, WA

Timing.  I was ready to find a group to help me fill the gaps of my personal spiritual beliefs.  I always say I am a non-collaborative worshiper - organized religion is not my thing. Challenges: Everything from dealing with Children, Spouses, Self, Family.  Most of all to know there are other women who share the same belief 'structure' and expand that common ability to safely share and get support. I've love them all. Read more »

Trudy, Port Townsend, WA

I immediately connected with your vibrant and upbeat spirit.  Then I had my first reading, and it was so helpful, I wanted to  continue overtime. I don't remember the exact challenges/opportunities I was originally dealing with, it has been so long now since we met, but I suspect that it might have had to do with relationships or family of origins issues, as those are frequent and life-long issues that have been difficult for me. Read more »