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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.


All testimonials are used with express permission.

Matt, AZ

The moment I looked into Charlene's eyes I knew that she was a sincere soul capable and willing to aid me in my personal growth.  While my initial inquiry was about the future of my business, subsequent medium sessions involving 3 separate individuals were successful at resolving unfinished business beyond the grave.  Prior to this help I had given up all hope and felt deep sadness for my unspoken words.  The saying "It's never too late" became my miracle.  Closure in a place where I thought none existed turned out to be the valuable gift that I had ori Read more »

Reese W., Bremerton, WA

Charlene Ryan is a gifted messenger and teacher. Her class, "Developing your Intuition", was a confidence building affirmation which enabled me to live in my power more comfortably. Though I had lived for most of my life knowing that I had been gifted with fairly strong intuitive ability, Charlene's class was transformative. Read more »

Carol K., Camp Hill, PA

I just "discovered" your newsletter and already I love it! I really enjoyed your poetry from December 13th issue and I would like to read some more of your poetry if you would like to share it. There are so many negative things on the internet and your site is like "a breath of fresh air"! It is refreshing and uplifting and I want to thank you! Read more »

Debby B., Roy, WA

I first met Charlene in February of 2000. My life was an emotional disaster. I had several issues and concerns that were affecting my health and personal well being. Charlene's amazing spiritual insight helped me to make several positive changes to get my life on track. Since that time I have had two additional readings and one single over the phone session. My life has done a 90 degree turn around. Charlene's warm spiritual nature and her powerful insight, gave me the courage to take back my power and give to me the confidence that I needed to pursue my new beginnings. Read more »

D'Lee, Gig Harbor, WA

I attended your free lecture on "Spiritual Growth Matters" approximately 2 weeks ago. I was astounded at the number of people who attended - about 60?- which confirms how hungry people are for spiritual truth and guidance. I put my question in the box as instructed by you. It was getting late andI had to go within 5 minutes and my question had not been pulled out of the box by you to be answered. Read more »

Mary W., Silverdale, WA

I felt very comfortable working with Charlene, and found her to be genuine in her workings. I was most impressed with her ability to "scan" my body and the bodies of those I had in question. She was able to describe the physical and emotional ailments of everyone, but she really blew me away when she scanned my body, and asked "are you having a pain in your back, right here (as she touched her own left shoulder blade)". Read more »