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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

D'Lee, Gig Harbor, WA

I attended your free lecture on "Spiritual Growth Matters" approximately 2 weeks ago. I was astounded at the number of people who attended - about 60?- which confirms how hungry people are for spiritual truth and guidance. I put my question in the box as instructed by you. It was getting late andI had to go within 5 minutes and my question had not been pulled out of the box by you to be answered.

I prayed to my Guardian Angel stating, "Look Angel, I HAVE to GO in 5 MINUTES; so if you want my question answered - It better be my Name pulled out of the Box NEXT !" Guess What - You pulled my name and question out next. I was even startled. (Good work, Angel).

Anyway, you indicated that my spouse needed to begin music practice on a bass instrument, a bass guitar to be exact; and if he did so diligently, he would re-balance his energy (chakra's) and would pull into his life the appropriate musicians, re-form a band, and begin playing music in a large and abundant manner. I was astounded.

He plays guitar, lead guitar to be exact. He practices constantly because he loves music so much. AND, I swear this is true - Several weeks before I attended your lecture - He asked me if he could buy a bass guitar. He has 4 expensive guitars and I was mad about wanting such a purchase when he doesn't even play bass guitar music. I said, "Heck No".

Well, his intuition was serving him well and I was the knothead. You confirmed his intuition and reconfirmed to me and the Universe why he needed to play a bass guitar. You were on the money, honey. Needless to say, that night after I came home from your lecture, WE ordered a bass guitar.

Thought you should know this. I thank you!!