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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Linda W., Gig Harbor, WA

I decided to work with Charlene because I learned of her past experiences in life, knew she was spiritually gifted, and I respected that she had 20+ years training in psychology.  At first I was kind of curious and eager to hear more.  As I understood her gifts and knowledge base more and more, I knew that I could learn and grow from her.

I decided to work with Charlene when I knew she had classes available and something to share.  I knew I could afford the class scenario in terms of time and money, versus going to a life consultant weekly or monthly on my own.

It’s fun to be taught a new concept or idea, and to look up and see Charlene’s knowing smile.  Because of her gifts, Charlene is always (spiritually and knowingly) three steps ahead and zones in like a laser on what “lessons” we are missing and need to hear.

The biggest impact Charlene has had on me is helping me to see through her kind encouragement that what I do matters, and that I am helping others by going through life aware, awake, and with love as my primary goal.

The results I’ve seen from working with Charlene are phenomenal and twofold. I used to be a full time mom, where life was relatively safe and quiet.  Now I sell real estate full time due to financial necessity and struggle with being outside of the home and making sure that time spent away from the home and the sacrifice of not seeing my family as much is worthwhile. Surprisingly, my business is growing so fast I can hardly keep up, despite the financial hardships families in our community are experiencing.  Firstly, Charlene has helped keep me focused this past year and a half on the spiritual light inside of me; helped keep me focused on the fact that I am a divine soul having a human experience, helped keep me focused on the beacon, the “North” on my compass, the life ring on the stormy seas we call life.  Due to her monthly classes, she reinforces that I am serving a spiritual purpose with love in my heart.  Secondly, I am able to simply know that when someone calls for real estate help that I am supposed to help them –our connection has begun - by loving them and remembering we are all connected, by listening to their worries, and to be a trustworthy steward of their money.  These folks who come to me either through business or through everyday life experiences are all connected to me in some otherworldly way, and I try to honor that.  It makes working outside the home worth the sacrifice!