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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Matt, AZ

The moment I looked into Charlene's eyes I knew that she was a sincere soul capable and willing to aid me in my personal growth.  While my initial inquiry was about the future of my business, subsequent medium sessions involving 3 separate individuals were successful at resolving unfinished business beyond the grave.  Prior to this help I had given up all hope and felt deep sadness for my unspoken words.  The saying "It's never too late" became my miracle.  Closure in a place where I thought none existed turned out to be the valuable gift that I had originally seen waiting for me in her eyes.

Over the years, Charlene has given me accurate life readings, Feng Shui consultations, astrology charting, numerology assistance, helpful Shamanic healings, and of course the medium work already mentioned.  She has been my guest speaker for a healing circle.  I know that I can refer her anytime to family, friend, or stranger and she will always give her best.  Hands down, Charlene is one of my most trusted advisors and she has proven herself through her authentic connection with Spirit.

My wish is that she continues her work one soul at a time until we reach a tipping point and the world is healed.