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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Trudy, Port Townsend, WA

I immediately connected with your vibrant and upbeat spirit.  Then I had my first reading, and it was so helpful, I wanted to  continue overtime. I don't remember the exact challenges/opportunities I was originally dealing with, it has been so long now since we met, but I suspect that it might have had to do with relationships or family of origins issues, as those are frequent and life-long issues that have been difficult for me.

I have a very high opinion of the sessions I have received over the years with you, Charlene.  I appreciate how you approach your work as an astrologer (see more details below), and have found what you say to be “right on” in the moments when I have called you for a reading.

Some of my biggest insights are about my own personal soul process.  Especially during this latest transition (my second Saturn return).  I have come to realize the importance of honoring that path, no matter what.  This has not been an easy path, but an important one, and the information and insights you have shared with me have helped me “make sense” of it all.

The aspects of your mentoring that have been so helpful to me are that 1) you come from a place of the sacred.  You know that all life is sacred and that anything we do needs to be approached from that perspective.  2)  I appreciate that you also have a background in psychology.  It is not always easy to receive some of the astrological information, and having someone to help me with the psychological responses I have in these times, is very valuable to me.  3) I like that you are a professional psychic.  I believe that this innate gift/skill you have helps immensely, because you can “see”  things about me and my path that are most influential.  And I feel blessed, because you can tap into the message of my guides and yours, for a fuller interpretation of the astrological information.  In other words, you are NOT  just the messenger! 4) And last, but not least, I really find the information that you glean from the “stars” that is so important for me to know.  Without the understanding of this information, and support, I would feel very overwhelmed, misunderstood, and disenchanted by life sometimes.  Learning about the “path” I am on (my choice, before birth), helps put things in perspective. It also helps me remember I am more than just a human being!  I am a soul, moving through time on this earth, and what I do is imminently important to my soul's path, long after I no longer walk this earth.

The greatest benefit to me is in the emotional realm.  But by understanding my path better, I find peace, (even if the information is “hard”) and then everything works better.  I will say that I have 1) been able to discern the best career opportunity I have had in my adult life, and stay with it and I have been able to “put things in perspective” when relationships haven't worked out, and thus, move on.

You are understanding, insightful, compassionate. I think you would be good with people, like myself, who understand the “larger picture” of existence.  Those who can “open their minds” to looking at life (which means eternal life,  as spirit) as a continuum.  And those who can take disappointment and put it in its place.

The main thing I would like you to take away from my thought about working with you is: I appreciate your wholistic approach to life, and your optimism, and the kindness you extend as you deliver the “messages.”  I just want to end by saying  a big THANK YOU for being who you are (brave, confident and directed).  You  have been a force for good in my life, and I am so grateful.