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Charlene transitioned into Spirit on November 17, 2014.  This website is in memory of her.

Memoirs of a Mystic

A story of tremendous courage, trust and adventure Memoirs of a Mystic is Charlene Ryan’s autobiographical journey in uncharted territory into her internal and external terrain. Her story deeply relates and speaks to the climate of the current times. All of mankind is in the midst of a collective paradigm shift.  Humanity at large is dealing with survival issues, loss of home, financial security, career change or loss, personal identity crisis, belief systems breaking down, institutional systems collapsing, threat of terrorism and war, and the end of the world. These fears elicit confusion, where to turn, what to believe and who to trust.

Charlene had a personal paradigm shift, a revolution, a transformation, in her thinking and way of being in the world. She demonstrated a willingness to trust her inner guidance and follow her internal promptings. Charlene traveled to Australia with only $150 in her pocket and her return ticket home. Using her talents and wits she was able to travel throughout Australia for a year.

Her metamorphosis did not just happen, she had to face her fears, deal with uncertainty, confront belief systems, surrendered to the unknown, deal with survival issues, dug deep down inside to confront the shadow aspects of her life and trusted her intuition. At the start she did not know a soul in Australia. While traveling she met many fascinating people whose generosity helped her along her way. Especially an aboriginal woman named Anney who illuminated Charlene's life and journey. The experiences she had in Australia are told within the context of her journey through life.

  • Learn the secrets of the Seven Initiations as taught by an aboriginal elder.
  • Follow the radical spiritual quest of trusting the Universe to provide EVERYTHING.
  • Engage in the process of transformation.
  • Capture the clarity of synchronicities while walking Spirit's journey in spite of fear.

Glimpse the working of manifestation as helpful resources and people are provided every step of the way.

My book, Memoirs of a Mystic is now available on Amazon.comExcerpt taken from Memoirs of A Mystic.